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The Stanz pedestal is the new CSA®  approved standard for parking lot pedestals. While there are still uses for the typical ones, the demand for clean, straight and uniform pedestals is addressed by the Stanz Pedestal.
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Stanz Pedestals: Built to Last

The Stanz pedestal is a heavy duty pedestal constructed of solid material with a top quality finish that will look excellent for a lot longer than the ones available until now.

Heavy Duty Design

The Stanz Pedestal is made of steel, a thick wall, and a strong base.


The Stanz Pedestal can be made to suit your specifications.


The Stanz Pedestal can withstand cold winters and automobile impacts.

The Stanz Pedestal is invented, patented, designed, manufactured, and distributed in Alberta by Canadians.​

Heavy Duty Design

  • Heavy duty steel base plate
  • Heavy duty tight wind spring
  • Heavy duty thick wall 2" (50mm) stand pipe
  • Topped with a steel head for the installation of the electrical outlets
  • Base plate has a 2" (50mm) hole in the centre to allow for the electrical wiring to enter
  • 3 steel components are welded together with the steel head threaded on top
  • Standard with a 8" x 8" (200mm x 200mm) base plate
  • Mounting holes are slotted to accommodate bolt patterns from 5” x 5” to 6 ¾” x 6 ¾”

Stanz Pedestal Model #32D8r1
Model #32D8r1
Stanz Pedestal Model #32D8r1
Model #32D/S8r1
Endorsed by Insurance Companies

It comes endorsed by M.B.S. Insurance Brokers Ltd and Dyck Insurance as an effective way to save money for your parking lot.


  • Unit is weatherproof and will withstand freeze/thaw cycles
  • Unit can withstand the typical low to medium force impact and return to the upright position with little to no damage to itself or the source of the impact


  • Base plate can be modified to accommodate existing mounting systems and styles to be used as a replacement to damaged units
  • Modifications to base plates etc will be priced separately
  • Height can be modified to suit individual requests
  • Heads are available in single or double duplex outlets


  • Sand blasted and powder coated with a 4.5 - 7mm high gloss finish

USA patents: US D699,202 S and US 8,873,224 B2
Canadian Patents: 145,300 and 2,794,505

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